Fruit Extract of Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis (Jacq.)) Inhibits Uterine Contractility in Ex-Vivo Mouse Models
Effect of EG (5.21 mg/mL) on high KCl-induced (80 mM) uterine contraction. (a) Original recording showing the effect of EG on KCl-induced tonic contractions in the isolated mouse uterus; (b) EG did not alter the amplitude of KCl-induced contraction. n = 5 animals.


Elaeis guineensis fruit
Oxytocin-induced uterine contractility
Potassium chloride induced uterine contraction
Oxytocin induced calcium free contraction

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ODION, E. E. (2023). Fruit Extract of Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis (Jacq.)) Inhibits Uterine Contractility in Ex-Vivo Mouse Models. Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 19(1), 93–101.


Background: Different parts of Elaeis guineensis (EG) plants are used ethno-medicinally for treating numerous illnesses including abdominal contraction.
Objectives: Thus, this study evaluated the inhibitory potential of the fruit-extract of EG on the uterine contractility in ex-vivo mouse models.
Material and Methods: The effect of EG extract on spontaneous uterine contractions, oxytocin (OT)-induced uterine contractions, high potassium chloride induced uterine contractions and oxytocin-induced calcium free contraction were evaluated in adult non-pregnant female albino mice.
Results: EG in a concentration dependent mode diminished spontaneous uterine contractions, while amplitude and frequency of contractions were inhibited significantly, but the frequency of contraction was at the highest concentration of EG. EG also produced a significant inhibition of the frequency of OT-induced contraction in calcium-free media.
Conclusion: The aqueous fruit extracts of EG inhibited uterine contraction in the uterus through inhibition of intracellular calcium stores.
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