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Effect of Prenatal Vitamin D Supplementation on Plasma Level of Tumour Necrosis Factor-Alpha and Selected Indices of Insulin Resistance in Offspring of Rats with Maternal Immune Activation


Vitamin D
Maternal Immune activation


Background: Maternal immune activation (MIA) predisposes the offspring to developing myriads of pathologies. Due to lack of information on the ameliorative effects of prenatal vitamin D supplementation on MIA-associated pathologies, effects of prenatal vitamin D supplementation on tumour necrosis factor- alpha (TNF-α) level and selected indices of insulin resistance (IR) in offspring of rats with MIA were determined.

Materials and Methods: Twelve pregnant rats were sub-divided into 2 groups consisting of 6 rats each. On day 15 of gestation, 3 rats in Groups I (LO15) were administered lipopolysaccharide (LPS) (5 mg/kg body weight, single dose) intraperitoneally while the remaining 3 rats in the group (LVD15) were administered the same dose of LPS with Vitamin D3 (500 IU) orally, 3 times a week till birth. Rats in Group II served as the controls. Offspring of the rats were euthanized on day 42 and blood analysed for blood glucose (BG) level, and plasma insulin and TNF-α levels using appropriate methods. Histology of the pancreas was done using standard method.

Results: Insulin and BG levels were slightly lower while TNF-α level was slightly higher in LO15 offspring compared with offspring of the controls. There was marked reduction in TNF-α level in the offspring of LVD15 compared with LO15 offspring. Atrophy of the acinar cells of the pancreas was observed in LO15 offspring but not in LVD15 offspring.

Conclusion: Prenatal vitamin D supplementation reversed subtle alterations in glucose, insulin, TNF-α levels, and atrophy of the pancreatic acinar cells in offspring of rats with maternal immune activation.

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