Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences

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Vol. 37 No. 1 (2022)
Published July 25, 2022

Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences (Niger. J. Physiol. Sci.) is a biannual publication of the Physiological Society of Nigeria. It covers diverse areas of research in physiological sciences, publishing reviews in current research areas and original laboratory and clinical research in physiological sciences.

Full Length Research Articles

Mary Olufunmilayo Ologe
9 - 19
A novel gedunin-2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex improves anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of gedunin in rodents
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Ismail Ishola, olasunmbo afolayan, adedeji badru, Taiwo Olubodun-obadun, Nkechi John, olufunmilayo Adeyemi
21 - 28
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor captopril prevents neuronal overexpression of amyloid-beta and alpha-synuclein in Drosophila melanogaster genetic models of neurodegenerative diseases
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Sayuri Padayachee, Nalini Govender, Thajasvarie Naicker
29 - 34
Does HAART dysregulate angiogenesis in HIV infected preeclampsia?
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Temitayo Ajibade, Akinleye Akinrinde, Moses Adetona, Ademola Oyagbemi, Aduragbenro Adedapo, Christopher Larbie, Temidayo Omobowale, Olufunke Ola-Davies, Adebowale Saba, Adeolu Adedapo, Oluwafemi Oguntibeju, Momoh Yakubu
35 - 42
Luteolin normalizes blood pressure via its antioxidant activity and down-regulation of renal Angiotensin II receptor and Mineralocorticoid receptor expressions in rats co-exposed to Diclofenac and sodium fluoride
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Adeola Odukanmi, O. A. Ajala, Samuel Babafemi Olaleye
43 - 48
Short-term acute constipation and not short-term acute diarrhea altered cardiovascular variables in male Wistar rats
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G. Ujah, I. B. Emmanuel, F. Ansa, A. Ukoh, E.J. Ani, E.E. Osim
49 - 58
Insulin and Zinc Co-Administration Ameliorate Diabetes Mellitus-Induced Reproductive Dysfunction in Male Rats
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M. S Muhammad, J.O. Ayo, N.M. Danjuma, A. AbdulWahab, A.S. Isa, A.H. Umar
59 - 67
Modulation of Memory and Neurochemical Changes by Resveratrol and Environmental Enrichment in Rodent Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
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Aminat Imam-Fulani, Bamidele Victor Owoyele
69 - 76
Effect Of Caffeine and Adrenaline on Memory and Anxiety in Male Wistar Rats
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Ohunene Avidime, S Avidime, A.J Randawa , M.U Kawu, A Mohammed, O.E Yama, O.T Oweh
77 - 82
Physiological Changes in Serum Calcium, Phosphate, Vitamin D, Parathyroid Hormone and Calcitonin During Pregnancy and Lactation in Randomised Population of Zaria Women
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O.O. Oladokun, T.C. Olaleye, N.M. Moses, O.A. Oladosu, A.A. Babatunde, K.I. Adedokun, M.W. Owonikoko, K.O. Ajeigbe
83 - 92
Tocopherol Enhances the Antioxidant Defense System and Histomorphometric Parameters in The Gastrointestinal Tract of Rats Treated with Sodium Arsenite
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Abbas El-ta'alu, Mubarak Muhammad Ahmad
93 - 99
Age-Dependent Effects of Copper Toxicity on Connective Tissue Structural Stability in Wistar Rats Skin
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Olumayowa Igado, Jemima Joannis
101 - 111
Skull Shape Variations in the Eidolon helvum (African Fruit Bat) Based on Geographical Location: Skull shape variations in Eidolon helvum
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Princewill Ugwu, Ruku, Pamela, Dr Pamela, Prof Nwachukwu
113 - 117
Anti-Hypertensive Effects of Anthocyanins from Hibiscus sabdarifa Calyx on the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldoslestrone System in Wistar Rats
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Saka Waidi Adeoye Adeoye, Adeshina Olamilekan Sultan, Yusuf Mariam Gbemisola, Omole Ayomide
119 -126
Hepatoprotective and Renoprotective effect of Moringa oleifera Seed Oil on Dichlorvos-induced Toxicity in Male Wistar rats
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Kingsley Chukwunonso Agu, Stella Oghomwen Olubodun
127 - 135
Biochemical Studies on the Colorectal Tissues of Wistar Rats Treated with Methanol Leaf and Stem Bark Extracts of Annona muricata (Soursop)
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F. A Bamisaye, R. A Ibrahim, A.O. Sulyman, A.O. Jubril, Olawale Ajuwon
137 - 145
Hypoglycemic, Hypolipidemic and Antioxidant Potentials of Ethanolic Stem Bark Extract of Anacardium occidentale in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats
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Frank Mojiminiyi, Buhari Aliyu, Yinka Oyeniyi, Simeon Isezuo, Akinola Alada
147 - 152
The Effect of Acute Administration of the Aqueous Calyx Extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa on Blood pressure, Heart rate and Double Product of Apparently Healthy Human Subjects during Different Postures
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Short Communication

Azubuike Raphael Nwaji, Uduak Inwang, Favour-Ann Nwoke, Iniobong Ante
153 - 156
Changes in Serum Electrolytes, Urea and Creatinine in Nicotiana tabacum-treated Rats
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