Vol. 11 No. 1 (2023): October Issue
October Issue


B.O. Ibitoye, E.A Ekpe, O.T. Olaniyan, F.O. Ibitoye, F.O. Bashir, O. Femi-Akinlosotu
1 -12
Recent advances in the treatment and management of oligospermia in humans
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Endocrinology/Cell Biology/ Biomembrane/Cell Metabolism and Neurosciences

S.A. Adebayo, B.A Akadri, B.T. Alegbeleye, A.G. Bakre, G.O. Gbotosho
Evaluation of the analgesic and anticonvulsant properties of the ethanol extract of Lannea acida leaves in mice
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S.T. Shittu, G.O. Isehunwa, S.A. Shittu, T.J. Lasisi, A.R.A. Alada
Amelioration of thyroidectomy-induced glucose intolerance by Ocimum gratissimum leaf extract in male Wistar rat
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