Recent advances in the treatment and management of oligospermia in humans


  • B.O. Ibitoye
  • E.A Ekpe
  • O.T. Olaniyan
  • F.O. Ibitoye
  • F.O. Bashir
  • O. Femi-Akinlosotu


Male infertility, oligospermia, semen, treatment, drug, plant extract


Male infertility is frequently characterized by low sperm count, all of which relate to semen having a low concentration of sperm. The shape and motility of the sperm are frequently noticeably aberrant in semen with a lower sperm concentration. Oligospermia is a clinical condition diagnosed via laboratory analysis of a semen spermiogram based on the WHO benchmark for normal sperm concentration. Male infertility represents just under half of the cases of infertility, and most of it is caused by oligospermia. Though assisted reproductive technology is most commonly used for couples with this medical condition, drug treatment is a better option. Treatment for oligospermia depends on the underlying causes, however the majority of instances are idiopathic, and a number of medications have been shown to be successful in treating it. This review article is to outline various drugs and plants that have been recently found to be very effective in the treatment and management of oligospermia in humans.