David Olufemi Olaleye (1954 – 2021): An Undeletable Loss


When death calls is the title of the fourth track of the album released in 1989 by an English rock band, the Black sabbath. For the family, friends, students and colleagues of Prof. David Olufemi Olaleye, death actually came calling unexpectedly on Tuesday, 27th July 2021. The unpreparedness of his departure makes it so difficult for many people to come to the reality that he is no more with them physically.  O.D. as he was fondly called, was the Deputy Editor of the Archives of Basic and Applied Medicine. Apart from playing a key role in the conceptualisation of the journal in 2013 (after successfully midwifing the Unibadan Conference of Biomedical Research during his tenure as the Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Ibadan, Nigeria), he was always interested in quality and distribution of manuscripts in each issue. He read through and corrected most of the articles all issues of the journal before being published. He was indeed a very thorough and critical editor.

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