The Nigerian Journal of Immunology was a half yearly official publication of the NSI. First was published in 1998, it replaced its fore-runner, the Immunology Seminar Series, which was inaugurated in 1982 in Ibadan.

The aim of then journal was to provide a forum for the sustained dissemination of knowledge and progress in Biomedicine to students, teachers and practitioners of Immunology.

The founding editor was Dr. O.A.A. Akinwolere of the institute of Child Health, University College Hospital Ibadan. The volume 1 was published in 1988 during his tenure. He was succeeded Prof. Anthonia A. Okerengwo, who had served as his Assistant Editor. The volume 2, issues 1 & 2 (1989) was published in 1990. 

The Nigerian Journal of Immunology was recently resuscitated with Prof. C. C. Onyenekwe as the Editor-in-Chief and Dr. S. K. Rahamon as the Editorial Manager